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Wow! I can’t believe how fast time flies! Just minutes ago,my second year as a disabled person without a disability started.

When I was born,they told my parents I don’t exist anymore.A few years later,they said I had Cerebral Palsy,which basically means my motor control is a little rusty,and I can’t walk without help.They told me I should’ve been in a wheelchair,but thanks to my amazing mother,that didn’t happen.I practically had a little bit of a talent of overcoming the odds.

2 years ago,a radical transformation occured.I started what I’d always dreamed of.I started GOING THE DISTANCE to my recovery,to being as close to a “normal” person as I want to be.It was a very long,very painful road,and ,like all roads that are long and painful,it couldn’t have been walked without some wonderful people,who I really want to thank.

I’ll start with my mother,for without her I never would’ve existed.She’s the one who taught me to accept myself as I am,and that’s HUGE.Oh,and she also taught me to always keep fighting,no matter how hard life hits me.Without her huge heart and her iron determination I probably would’ve been in a wheelchair now. Thanks,Mommy! Love ya!

Secondly,there’s an awesome guy who started out as a classmate,became a friend,and ended up being a BROTHER. WILL MR. DAVID ALB PLEASE STAND UP? Seriously,this man has only brought good to my life,and I’d have to fill up a trilogy of books with all the thanks he deserves.I might actually do that one day.

Thirdly,to EVERYONE,and I repeat EVERYONE in 12 F2.You guys were there for me when I was really really down.I don’t know if you realise this,but you’ve saved my life! I don’t know where I would’ve been without you.Andrei,Cosmin,Vlad,Razvan….you’re absolutely awesome,and so are the rest of you,from Atena ,with her wonderful smile and HUGE heart ,very well hidden under a stratus of toughness,to Ina,whose kind nature and passion for art have turned her into a great friend of mine,to Andreea,who was the first person in the class to ever help me walk(love you for that!),this goes out TO EACH OF YOU,WITH ETERNAL GRATITUDE.I LOVE YOU ALL,AND I’M VERY LUCKY TO BE IN THE SAME CLASS WITH YOU!!!!! Unlike all the doctors in my early days,you’ve told me what I CAN do.You’ve shown me that despite my handicap,I can be one of you.To someone like me that means the WORLD.

It’s a great feeling,having someone to rely on in hard times,and I’d like to thank all those who’ve supported me materially and morally ,before and after my surgery.God bless each and every one of you,students,teachers,parents,children,human beings. I hope one day you’ll get the huge repayment that you deserve!

Thanks to all these extraordinary ordinary people,I can say that I’m able to remove the “DIS” from my DISABILITY.

Eternally grateful,

proud CNB student,bookworm,fighter,geek,friend ,fun partner and human being,


  1. Razvy says:

    Cheers Dude! We’re here for you any time you need us.

    And just think about one thing only: We do this because you are one of us! 😉 That “disability” is just something in your concience. In front of that a normal human being just like the rest of us stands out!

  2. GP says:

    Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday ?

    Most people whine about “the road not taken”… You’ve tried all illusory roads and you’ve followed the only road that deserves felicitations : the road of DIGNITY ! That’s why they say life is a gift ! Enjoy it !

  3. costiserban says:

    Nice feeling in it! Passion as always! Keep up the good work, Phoenix Man!

  4. ina says:

    I’ll always be there for you when you need me!;) luv ya u know :*

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