AVATAR: Dramatic,intense,larger than life 3D action

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Being quite a dreamer,I love stories that I can get involved into.Whether reading a book or seeing a movie,I just love the feeling of being slowly but surely drawn into the story. Last night,I experienced this feeling up-close and personal,when I went to see James Cameron’s latest epic film “Avatar”,a mixture of Sci-Fi ,romance and drama with a few references to the Native Americans and the War on Terror here and there.

The plot is simple.Some might even call it too simple: in2154, Jake Sully,a paraplegic Marine is sent to Pandora,an alien planet to earn the trust of the natives,a humanoid race known as the Na’vi,in order to gain acces to a very valuable mineral called Unobtainium.The Na’vi are a peace-loving community,in total harmony with nature.Humans cannot breathe on Pandora without special devices,so Jake is made to take part in the Avatar programme.An Avatar is a Na’vi-human hybrid,a Na’vi to which the mind of a human was connected through a machine.Eventually,Jake ends up realizing that the humans are the bad guys and ends up falling in love with Ney’tiri,the daughter of the Na’vi clan leader. Sounds a little bit like a futuristic version of a Western movie dealing with the conflicts between white people and Native-Americans but that doesn’t make it a bad movie.It’s not so much about the story,but about the way it’s told.It’s amazing what a pair of 3D glasses can do.I found myself dodging projectiles more than once during the movie.Not to mention the huge WOW that I mouthed when I first saw the lush Pandoran landscape. I loved the main character,and I might sound biased here,but I identified with him,being disabled myself.I loved the scene where he said he was tired of doctors telling him what he couldn’t do.That’s exactly my attitude towards my handicap. Another scene I liked was that in which Jake,in his Avatar form,was praying to Eywa,the goddess of the Na’vi.He remarked upon what the Earthlings had done to their planet : “These people have killed their mother.” Now if this isn’t a strong ecological message,I don’t know what is.

In short,if you’re looking for a unique experience in entertainment,go put on those glasses and let Pandora have you for 2 hours and a half.You won’t regret it.

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