THE SABRAEL CONFESSION: an astonishing, riveting epic of Heavenly war

Posted: June 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

Stories of angels engaging in larger-than-life warfare with demons with mankind as we know it at stake have always been favorites of mine, feeding my lifelong fascination with confrontations between good and evil.  I’ve previously discussed the beautifully challenging undertaking of writing Christian fantasy, of using one’s imagination to tell a story that embraces the Truth, guides along the Way and celebrates the beauty of Life.

Once more, I find myself tremendously blessed to have the opportunity to discuss an epic novel which deals with this subject matter. The novel is called THE SABRAEL CONFESSION, and it is written by Mr. Stephen J. Smith, to whom I’m wholeheartedly grateful for providing me with a signed copy of his work. That being said, this entire review consists of my own thoughts of this book, and what an honor it is to state as such.

One question that might come to readers who approach Christian fiction warily is how preachy this book might be. Well, let me tell you: Mr. Smith, who has a background in scriptwriting, is so busy telling a vivid, gripping and heartfelt story, that none of the Christian themes and motifs of the novel come across as heavy-handed. For all intents and purposes, this book mixes the lost-ancient-document pretext found in Dan Brown’s novels, the gripping suspense and darker themes of a work by Stephen King, the grandeur of J.R.R. Tolkien’s battle scenes, and the moral values of C.S. Lewis.
Sabrael, one of the seven angels assigned with protecting the newborn Jesus, starts off as a pupil of Lucifer in the book, and I loved how the author chose to portray Lucifer. Here, the future Accuser and enemy of mankind is initially overwhelmed by the fact that the other angels consider him privileged due to his status as the second living creature after God, then becomes strangely addicted to that feeling, ultimately claiming to be equal to God. Sabrael walks the reader through the pain of betrayal and the cost of rebellion, then detailing the envy and hatred of Satan toward mankind, whilst also providing gripping explanations of creation and evolution. The narrative jumps from the War in Heaven to the Creation of mankind,the early period of the life of Jesus, the Early Middle Ages and present day with the greatest of ease. This could very well translate to the silver screen and become the latest faith-based blockbuster. For a 500+ page book, the pace is blistering, so do not let the size put you off. You’ll find this Christian fantasy epic to be one for the ages, one that deserves all the credit it can get. Ten out of five! Awesome job, Mr. Smith. Oh, and that ending left me yearning for more. What ending? You seriously didn’t think I was gonna rob you of the pleasure of finding out for yourselves, right?

  1. Sounds like Mr. Smith has a lot in common with one Robert Martin Bishop!

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