WOUNDED TIGER: possibly the most incredible true story I have ever read

Posted: October 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

An old saying goes “Truth is stranger than fiction”. And if I were to add to it, I would say “And when the two clash, it always wins out”. If there is one book that has convinced me of this, it is the magnificent non-fiction novel I am about to review, titled WOUNDED TIGER: A TRUE STORY. Written by Mr. T. Martin Bennett, this is not only a true story, but it might be the most incredible true story I have ever read.
The attack on Pearl Harbor is one of the most crippling blows dealt to the United States of America. It is the moment in which the nation considered the mightiest of all decided to get involved in the most earth-shattering conflict of the twentieth century. And, as this amazing book shows, it has been the starting point for one of the most mindblowing true stories which showcase the power of mercy and forgiveness.

Mitsuo Fuchida is a very prideful man. He is a top-notch pilot, and he is fiercely devoted to the Emperor of Japan and to his country, like a samurai of the days of old.

Peggy Covell is a girl on a mission. The Japanese have caused her the greatest possible pain by executing her missionary parents whose only fault was that of spreading the Gospel.

Jake DeShazer’s rage after the Pearl Harbor attack burns white hot. As American as apple pie and baseball, Jake sees it as his sacred duty to get revenge on the Japanese after Pearl Harbor.

These three destinies collide in a way that only God could have orchestrated. A story of pride, hatred, cruelty, and most of all, the unfathomable power of God’s eternal love that changes these three lives in ways no one could have expected. And this book takes its time, and pulls no punches telling and showing you how. It’s one of those books that I am genuinely proud to have on my shelf, and it just SCREAMS for a big, bold movie adaptation. I love the inclusion of all those rare historical photographs, it turns the book into an invaluable document for those who are interested in the Pacific War. In fact, I am willing and able to go so far as to swear by this book as being the one book on Pearl Harbor that should be read by everyone, all over the world. And it deserves to be, just as much as it deserves the aforementioned movie adaptation. And of course, the ten out of five rating! Though Mr. Bennett was kind enough to provide me with a copy of this amazing book, I would not do it justice if the views presented herein weren’t my own. Read this story, folks! It’s worth it! Jake, Peggy and Fuchida are now my heroes. As is the humble scribe of this amazing tale. One for the ages!

  1. Agreed, Alex! Great book for all the reasons you stated!

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