I, JETEBAIS: THE thinking man’s Christian thriller.

Posted: February 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’ve stated before that I wholeheartedly commend the writing of Christian fiction. In fact, I’m among those who consider Christian fiction authors as being amongst the most worthy followers of Christ, for our Lord Himself often told the Truth through stories.

Good versus evil. These three words have fascinated me for a lifetime. It is in them that I see the ultimate story, the most timeless and timely of all tales worth telling. And the novel that I’m about to discuss is a masterful example of how Christian fiction can be used as a guide toward the life-affirming Truth of Christ.

I’m talking about I, JETEBAIS, written by Mr. Robert Martin Bishop(whom I’m super-grateful for the copy of his work that he provided me with).  I think this might very well be among the most groundbreaking works of its kind that I have ever read.

Who is Jetebais? Well, he is a fallen angel. A fallen angel with a chip on his shoulder and one purpose in mind: forgiveness. To achieve it, he confesses to God about the part he played in the rebellion of Satan, key events in Biblical and modern times, and about the plans that the Devil has for mankind.  He does so by dictating his thoughts to a priest, and these thoughts are compellingly written and very, very intriguing: “I am the Rebellion. The murderous agony humankind has at once caused and endured is mine”, says Jetebais early on in the book.  His connection to the priest, Thaddeus Tarsus, AKA Paul(nothing is a coincidence in this book), puts them both in danger, along with mankind itself.  The description of Satan, provided by Jetebais, shows why Satan is such a considerable adversary: “He is everything you have read about him, everything you have seen in your entertainment[…] He is colossal and microscopic. He is spirit and body, ethereal and tangible. He is whatever serves his immediate purpose.”

I once read some wise words stating that a good book should make you laugh, cry and think.  Well, this one has all the stuff that’s needed to do all of that and more. There’s plenty to enjoy and to take to heart in this masterfully written pageturner that sounds like something that could’ve happened if Dan Brown got some sense into his head and accepted the invitation of C.S. Lewis to join him for a cup of tea and a nice, long talk about God and faith. This is a book that will challenge some of your long-held assumptions, but also one that will strengthen your faith. I will never look at religious fanaticism the same way after reading what Jetebais has to say about it. And that’s such a well-thought-of way of putting things that I’ll leave it to readers to discover it.  This worthwhile addition to the shelf of any Christian who likes their Truth told via a gripping, sprawling story deserves all the stars in the sky! Can’t recommend it high enough! The views expressed herein are my own, and I’m blessed to say so. Thank you, Mr. Bishop! One for the ages!

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