THE GOSPEL OF PILATE: a refreshing, wholesome alternative to THE DA VINCI CODE

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

One does not have to be a genius to figure out the pattern of „religious mysteries” nowadays. There  is always the wise-cracking professor, the feisty woman, the creepy secret organization and the mystery that threatens to crumble the foundations of Christianity as we know it.  Add some intricate historical puzzles and as many plot twists as there are spots on a Dalmatian and you have got a guaranteed bestseller.

What if, though, just what if things were to be different? What if there is a novel that responds to this sort of formula by turning it on its head?

Wanna know the truth? There is one such novel.  Called THE GOSPEL OF PILATE and written by Mr. Paul Creasy, the book tells the story of avowed atheist archaeologist Thomas Lampton, who finds something extaordinary during a dig at Nero’s palace in Rome. In an amphora dating back to his time, there’s an almost perfectly preserved copy of the report that Pontius Pilate wrote for Emperor Tiberius, concerning the events leading up to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as the Resurrection itself.

I loved the manner in which the book is structured. It actually follows two storylines. One is set in the present, and deals with the efforts of Thomas Lampton to keep the Gospel of Pilate safe, and make heads and tails of it, and another follows Pilate on his path to one of the most iconic utterances in the Bible: “What is truth?”

What could very well be a strictly by-the-numbers religious thriller with a slightly different angle, thus turns into an excellent read, filled with witty discussions  about faith between Lampton and Domenico Alberghetti, a Catholic priest and the brother of his sassy Italian girlfriend Victoria. The path towards faith that Lampton embarks upon is not sudden or miraculous, as tempting as it might have been for the author to make it as such. I also liked the twist in regard to the villain. Whereas other religious thrillers use the leader of some arcane cult for this position, here, we have dr. Anton Hawkins, staunch atheist and media mogul, who is hell-bent on destroying any sort of influence that religion has on mankind.  There’s plenty to love in this top-class historical thriller. Which is why I’m honored, and spiritually richer to have read it. Though Mr. Creasy was gracious enough to provide me with a copy of the novel, the views herein are entirely my own. Ten out of five for a faith-filled pageturner! Thank you, Mr. Creasy! Fantastic job.

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