A TIME TO SEE: a richly rewarding follow-up from the most compelling newfound voice in Christian historical fiction

Posted: June 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

In my previous post, I was reviewing a recently discovered Biblical novel called A TIME TO HEAR, set during the time of not one, but the two greatest prophets in the history of mankind, John the Baptist, here called Johannes, and Jesus Christ, here known as Jeshua.

The idea that a sequel should surpass the original is something that has been well set into the minds of people for years now. With that in mind, I can certainly affirm this about A TIME TO SEE, the second volume in the compelling trilogy by SJ Knight.

If I were to sum the series up so far, I would say it shines new light on old stories, and really, really succeeds in acquainting the readers to characters who are far from perfect, though touched by perfection.

I loved seeing Dan grow even more thirsty for knowledge. I loved Loukanos, whose mind was ever questioning. I loved Anna, so dedicated to her creed. And most of all, I loved Mordecai, the blind beggar and Sobek, the “twisted” woman, whom I recognized, through lumps in my throat as suffering from something that sounds a lot like Cerebral Palsy. Why did I love these characters so much? Because it was a breath of fresh air for me, as a person with his own physically visible marks from the Creator, to read a piece of fiction in which disabled people were not strictly depicted as defined by their disability alone, and just waiting for Christ to come heal them. Mordecai’s knowledge and wise interpretation of scripture is a source of ¬†inspiration for all those around him, blindness and all. Oh, and you should see how selfless he is(read…this…book!)

I LOVED the manner in which the Resurrection of Christ, the most glorious miracle in the history of the world was depicted. Never have I seen such an awesome reaffirmation of life as in this book, and it came in the form of a completely unexpected, yet completely faithful twist. It was amazing to see the power of the Resurrected Son of God work in such an awesome way. And if the first book demonstrated how an ending can be a beginning, this one proves that Ms. Knight is truly a masterful wordsmith when it comes to this. 1000 stars would not do justice to this masterpiece! I wholeheartedly thank Ms. Knight for the blessing she bestowed upon me with this book. The views herein are entirely my own, and I am thrilled to say so. Onward to the next, massive tome!

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