A TIME TO SPEAK: the sprawling conclusion to my favorite Biblical fiction trilogy of all time

Posted: June 22, 2016 in Uncategorized


It is no secret, by now, that the  A TIME TO… trilogy is my favorite Biblical fiction work of all time.  Yes, I will always love BEN-HUR, QUO VADIS, THE ROBE, and the more recent THE KINGDOM AND THE CROWN trilogy.

But what sets the trilogy written by SJ Knight apart is the fact that it maintains the grandeur of the Greatest Story Ever Told while telling it from an angle that is rarely seen in Biblical fiction.

The family of Dan ben Ammiel, the protagonist, is a family of simple, yet devout shepherds, and it has been a thrill to follow their life, and letting their faith and awe at the sight of the Messiah and His miracles soak into my soul.

The third, and most massive volume of the trilogy, follows Dan on the path to maturity, after the ascension of Christ, as he becomes aware that the end of His earthly ministry is only the beginning of that of His followers. I loved being able to delve so deeply into their minds, to see their thoughts, hopes, doubts and fears so clearly. I loved how Peter , here called Cephas came across as very hesitant in the beginning, even though he was given an essential mission. I loved how he got a grip of himself to deal with liars in the Church that the Lord gave to him to lead.

Where this book shines the most, along with the engaging theological debates, is in showing the genuine love between the members of the early Christian community and the courage they share in facing great adversity in the form of Shaul, a Pharisee with a twist of fate that changed the world. Do not let the size put you off. This book, this series, is a journey that will inspire and enrich you in a beautiful way. This has been a great, great series, to which all the stars in the night sky would barely do justice. A rich, complex, inspiring, tender, gripping, emotional saga, greatly rewarding, which is a must for lovers of historical Biblical fiction. Highly, highly recommended. Can’t wait to see how the story of Paul the Apostle unfolds in A TIME TO ACT, the fourth volume, and, i hope, as the author does, the start of a new trilogy!


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