KAMAKAZO: the best natural horror novel I’ve ever read

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s often that people start getting ideas about nature turning against man, and more often than not, these ideas end up as either brilliant or complete and total B-movie crap. I think everyone’s seen at least one of those movies where usually harmless animals end up as killing machines, and most times, these movies turn out to be cheesy, mediocre popcorn flicks.

Of course, nature turning against man is a very complex and intriguing idea at heart, and I have found an example of this in KAMAKAZO, a doorstopper of a novel by author Wes McCloud, of which I had the honor of receiving a signed copy.

The book tells the story of a hunting trip gone awry in a West Virginia forest by the name of, you guessed it, Kamakazo. where old hunter, Jessy Iville has discovered an anomaly: a meat-eating whitetail deer. Once he finds evidence of the animal, he gathers a group of deer hunters and sets out to destroy the creature. At first sight, this seems like a typical B-movie plot. Well, if you  think that, do yourselves a favor, get your hands on this huge book, and read it. It sent chills down my spine, had me actually bonding with the characters(the dialogue is really awesome, especially Jessy’s parts!), and had me thinking about what would actually happen if there were actually flesh-eating deers running about. The story of how it happened, as well as the backstory of how this creepy place got its name, are other strong points of the book. Be aware that this is a horror novel, so it contains gory scenes and tough language. Nevertheless, it’s a frightening backwoods epic that’s sure to raise eyebrows and chill spines. 5 outta 5! Hell of a job, Mr. McCloud!

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