THE SAVVY DEMON’S GUIDE TO GODLY LIVING: a witty, inspiring satire of Christian America

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Those who know me as a reader of Christian fiction know that I like it to be as atypical as it comes. After all, if stripped of all the dogma that has been choking it for quite a while now, Christianity is, at its core, atypical.

So when I found out about Mr. Brad Francis’s novel called THE SAVVY DEMON’S GUIDE TO GODLY LIVING(of which I had the honor of receiving a copy from the author, for which I’m grateful), I got excited. I mean, what’s not to be hyped about in the story of a drunk demon with a serious case of workplace blues who decides to try his luck at spicing up the life of a complacent Baptist pastor?

Yeah, that’s what this book is about. Down-on-his luck demon Melchior(who’s purple!), decides to pay pastor Douglas Pinkerton, head of Compton Baptist Church in New Jersey a visit. Now, what would a drunken demon possibly want with a pastor? Well, it turns out Melchior is bored out of his mind. Because there’s little temptation to offer to a Christian community which is lost in a complacent behavior. So what this inebriated fallen angel is trying to do is motivate the pastor to lead his community in the true spirit of Christianity, so that he doesn’t die of boredom. What follows is a series of adventures that will amuse, inspire and challenge every follower of Christ to rethink their role. Mr. Francis has managed to create compelling characters, from the pastor to his wife Joan and son Mat, Mat’s girlfriend Charlotte, North-Korean pastor Jung and, of course, the quirky, witty Narrator who sounds like something that would happen if Dickens had been born in modern times. The book offers a satire of Christian America like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and does so without shying away from controversial topics like sex, alcoholism, drug use, and others. Oh, there’s quite a fair amount of profanity for a Christian novel, blanked-out as it is.

So if you’re looking for a different approach to what it means to follow Christ, do check out this 5-star-worthy novel. Thank you, Mr. Francis. Great job!

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