“Vlad:The Last Confession” -an unforgettable novel

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Dracula.Everybody knows the myth.In 1897,Bram Stoker ,an Irish author ,wrote a novel about a Transylvanian nobleman with a dark side:he fed on blood.The creature ,Count Dracula achieved instant success.Countless adaptations of the grim story were made for the stage and the silver screen.The vampire had left his mark upon the world.

Yet,no one has told the story of the man behind the myth.Until now.

Author C.C. Humphreys chose to reveal the REAL Dracula,Vlad Tepes(the Impaler),a 15th-century Romanian warlord of a province in modern-day Romania ,called Wallachia.The novel Mr.Humphreys wrote(and sent to me,autographed) ,called “Vlad :The Last Confession” opens 5 years after Vlad Tepes’s death ,when the Order of the Dragon,under the banner of which he rode against the enemies of Christ,was nearly a ruin.Hungarian count Janos Horvathy ,together with Domenico Grimani,Cardinal and young Spatar Petru Iordache,witness the tale of Vlad,told by three people who knew him closely :Ion Tremblac,knight and betrayer,Ilona Ferenc,the only woman he ever loved ,and the hermit Vasilie,his confessor.

The novel is a fascinating read.Historical fact meets thrilling fiction as readers plunge deeply into the life and times of Vlad Tepes,exploring his motivves,but leaving the judgement to readers.There is quite an ammount of bloody scenes in the book,which only adds to the intensity of it.I stood up in the wee hours of night,with my heart in my throat,I really felt like I was there as Vlad put a bloody exclamation point on his statements.He learnt the grim art of impaling while in captivity in the Turkish empire ,at the sinister prison of Tokat,a place with an equally spine-chilling motto: “WE TORTURE OTHERS SO THEY CAN NOT TORTURE US! ” Vlad certainly learnt about this motto the harsh way,as he witnessed the impaling of a young Christian martyr.His reign was written in blood.Once he found out who killed his family ,he used vengeance as a trust-worthy ally(the coffin scene made me shiver,with the hairs on my arms standing straight up!)

If you want a story based on the real,historical,authentic Dracula,thoroughly documented and very very hard to put down,then “Vlad:The Last Confession is the book for you! If you want vampire stories ,though,stick to Stoker and Anne Rice.

Thank you ,Mr.Humphreys! Wonderful job!

  1. Catrina says:

    Uch.. Everything is great.. But please! Ilona Ferenc?! He loved his frist wife! They’re had son! Elizabetha were really his beloved woman

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