DAVID-THE WARRIOR KING-a vivid ,almost cinematic novel of Ancient Israel.

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Bible is full of inspiring stories.Stories of faith,love,courage,friendship and miracles.Stories of remarkable men and women,directly connected to God.

My favorite Old Testament story is that of David,the king of Israel. He is the living proof of the fact that God favors the morally virtuous,no matter their origins.

King David is the subject of a Christian historical novel called “David -the warrior king” written by David J.Ferreira,a novel of which I had the honour of receiving a signed copy from the author.

The novel is simply fascinating,spanning David’s life from before his victory over Goliath to his crowning as king of Israel. It’s filled with details concerning daily life in ancient Israel,great characters (David -the Beloved,Saul ,the envious king,Abner,his general,and many more), vivid battle scenes ,with expert-like details of military techniques of that period. In my view ,this novel would make a GREAT movie

David is a very complex and compelling character,and the novel does a very good job of showing that.Readers will witness him as a warrior ,as a lover,as a HUMAN BEING.He’s just like one of us,just living in a completely different times.All of us encounter hardship in our lives,and like David,we overcome them with the help of God.We just need moral fortitude,and the Goliath of our troubles will thud to the ground.

Thank you ,Mr.Ferreira,and may God bless you.

So,for those of you who like historical fiction and inspirational stories, “David -The Warrior King” is the perfect book.

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