START WITH A DREAM: a poignant, powerful reminder of the fact that dreams do come true.

Posted: November 15, 2020 in Uncategorized

There is something that everyone, regardless of their background, has. And that something is a dream. And if there is one book that has convinced me of the fact that dreams can and do come true, you will not find its author holding conferences to sharp-dressed people talking about comfort zones and all such platitudes.

The author of the book I am about to review, called Start with a Dream, Joey Cassata started out as a kid with a „frozen moment”, watching Kiss perform, when he was a child. Mesmerized by the drummer, The Cat, Peter Criss, Joey got hooked on drums. And what followed was an arduous, epic journey. A journey that, I assure each and every one of you, will convince ANYONE, from ANYWHERE, that dreams do not only come true in Hollywood movies.

As a rock and wrestling fan, this book was an excellent mood-booster to me. Readers will be privileged to follow the author from his rocky childhood, marked by the absence of his father, to his first experiences as a rock and wrestling fan. I was mindblown by how much adversity this man has had to face, but also by the overwhelming and unwavering love of his mother, who supported any of his dreams, no matter how big and outlandish they were. You will get a glimpse at rowdy young rockers dealing with the strict rules of Catholic school, and standing their ground. You will see the awe of kids experiencing their rock and wrestling heroes at their finest.

Where this book shines the most in my honest opinion is in presenting the story of someone who faced a great deal of adversity in an entirely relatable and empathy-inducing manner. Mr. Cassata, in an act of great courage, is presenting his life story here warts-and-all. Those looking for the glitz and glam of rock star life will get that, as there is plenty of awesome stories of a man who started out as a fan and got to hang out and goof around with his idols, but there is also a lot on moving from place to place, losing homes due to financial problems and trying to live up to expectations that ultimately end up being illusions. I think this is the most earnest and optimistic autobiography that I have ever been blessed with reading. You will see a boy growing into a fan, a fan growing into a student, a student growing into an artist, an artist growing into one who is able to call his idols his friends, and into a husband and father. And you will be all the richer for it, for this is a lively, lovely book that any rock fan, wrestling fan, and consummate dreamer should read. Cameos from KISS, Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, and others should be enough to whet the appetite of any fan! Ten stars out of five for my personal blueprint of how to follow your dream!

Thank you, Mr. Cassata. What you did takes great guts and should lead to great glory! Honored to have read this one!

Though Mr. Cassata was kind enough to send me a copy of his work, my thoughts here are, indeed, my own. Otherwise, I would not do justice to this amazingly true journey.

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