REALMS: The Christian fantasy thriller that will rock you to the core.

Posted: August 18, 2019 in Uncategorized

Christian fantasy is one of the most challenging genres to write, in my view. It has to be exciting, thrilling, even, and to be grounded in the Truth found within the tenets of Christianity. It almost sounds as if it is an endeavor that is purposefully designed not to work.

However, in the right hands, this genre can and definitely does produce gems. And one of these gems is the novel called REALMS, written by Mr. K.T. Kimbrough. I have had the tremendous blessing of having a copy sent to me by Mr. Kimbrough for review purposes, but let me assure you that every word you are about to read is true to my own impressions and thoughts about this book. Otherwise, I would not be able to do it justice.

Seth Ivory is a rock star through and through. He lives, loves and breathes through music. And he seeks greater meaning in his life and his songs. Then, suddenly, his life is turned inside out when he is involved in a road accident that leaves his motorcycle in shambles, his body in a coma and his spirit drifting between two worlds. His witty guardian angel will have a load of work cut out for him as he defends him from legions of demons that seek to condemn him to eternal damnation, while his lover, Summerlann Valentine, known as Summer, and his bandmates, seek to unravel the mystery of his accident, in a story filled with thrills, chills, and a huge amount of heart. Seth will learn the real story behind the nature of religion and the difference between religion and a relationship with God(that part actually blew my mind and had me cheering like crazy), from his faithful friends, Will and Tabby Patel, whose love will prove crucial for the story of Seth and Summerlann.

As a Christian who is big into rock, I found this book to be an extremely pleasant surprise. It is a non-stop, gritty, heartfelt roller-coaster ride through the world of rock and the realms of the supernatural, that pulls no punches and aims straight for the heart. To those who like their Christian fiction on the gritty side, the few instances of profanity will not be a problem.  There are also depictions of demonic summonings, but they are very relevant to the story, and give it an edge unlike anything I have ever read in Christian fiction. It left me wanting more, and not in the dissapointing cliffhanger kind of way.  I could seriously see a sequel going on with Requiem of Eden in a Battle of the Bands type of contest with some black metal band that seeks to summon an archdemon of sorts.   And it is obvious that this gloriously gutsy Christian thriller with a rock edge gets a 10 outta 5! Great job, Mr. Kimbrough. You rock!

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