BULLSEYE: A STORY – a pulse-pounding tale of bullfighting, with heart.

Posted: March 17, 2019 in Uncategorized

When one thinks of Spain, „passion” is among the first words that come to one’s mind. If there is one European country that seems filled to the brim with it, Spain certainly fits the bill.

However, given the image that I just discussed regarding Spain, how well does it work as a setting for a thriller.
Well, if said thriller is BULLSEYE, by Ms. M.M. Ruiz, the answer is VERY well!
The story in BULLSEYE follows Peter, a widowed, amnesiac journalist whose life, like his memory, is in shambles. His father-in-law needs an exciting topic for his newspaper, and so, through a crazy, drunken dare with a friend called Paul, Peter ends up going to Spain to experience the thrill of a bull run. However, when he gets there, he experiences a similar, but entirely different kind of thrill when he witnesses a bullfight. And it is in that moment that his trajectory and his life changes suddenly. At a breakneck pace, Pete seeks to immerse himself in the world of bullfighting.
And trust me when I tell you, the immersion is complete, total, and utterly maddening. And the book pulls absolutely no punches about it.

Bullfighting is a subject that has divided people for a very long time now. There are still voices that rise against it, deeming it cruel and undignified, and others that defend it as a long-held tradition that, in a certain way, has become ingrained into the life of the Spanish people. Both of these perspectives are to be found here. Those who believe that it is a glorification of violence will see why. Those who see it as their tradition will find a thoroughly researched romp through the long, complicated and bloody history of bullfighting, with plenty of flamenco and boiling gypsy blood. This is a non-stop, full-speed-ahead roller-coaster ride, really loud, fraught with excess, and larger-than-life. Solid five out of five for a breakneck thriller!
Though Ms. Ruiz was gracious enough to provide me with a copy of her book for a review, the views herein are entirely my own. Thank you, Ms. Ruiz. Heck of a job!

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