A TIME TO STRIVE: a sobering, inspiring saga of the Early Church.

Posted: January 3, 2019 in Uncategorized

I was previously mentioning the A TIME TO…series written by Ms. SJ Knight, as my favourite Biblical fiction series. And I am all the more blessed and honoured to talk about the latest entry in the series, called A TIME TO STRIVE. There is a personal reason for that too, but I will get to that in a short while.
The novel picks up where the previous book, A TIME TO ACT, left off. Paul and his emerging Christian movement are up against seemingly insurmountable odds in the form of the conservative Pharisees strictly opposing the teachings of lord Jeshua(Jesus). And this is what I love most about this wonderful book. It features some of the most passionate theological debates ever written in such works of fiction. One feels as though the author was actually there with Paul, Barnabas and all the others I have come to know and love in the previous books as they speak boldly of their faith to those who know nothing but the letter of the Law. I would definitely recommend people who seem to think Christianity is nothing but feel-good praise songs, sunshine and rainbows, to get a copy of this book.
Now for the personal reason that I mentioned earlier on. As a human being, one knows they are doing something right, when an author includes a character based upon them in their work. In my case, it was possible when Ms. Knight created Alexios the Wise, a young Greek proselyte who speaks in some of my daily nuggets of inspiration written in the name of the Lord on Facebook. This is positively the greatest honour an author has ever bestowed on me, and the manner in which Ms. Knight referenced my job and my passion for the music of Elvis at some point in the book is just mindblowing. Also, I loved how the character escaped a moral dilemma in his life by applying one of his own pieces of wisdom about Christianity.
This is a book that is highly recommended to those who want to get as close to being participants in the early life of the Christian church as they can, and I love how each character has their own struggles, their doubts, their fears, their anger. I think Ms. Knight is not only a great writer, but someone with an in-depth understanding of human nature and its inherent contradictions. This is a rare gem of a book(and series), in a genre often overlooked for fear that it might feature saintly, one-dimensional characters. A common expression states that writers „put flesh” on historical figures. Ms. SJ Knight helps readers hear their hearts beat.
A masterpiece! Ten out of five! Thank you, Ms. Knight! Looking forward to your next book!

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