THE LOST GOSPEL OF BARABBAS: EXODUS – a thrilling sequel chock-full of action and foreshadowing.

Posted: October 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

I was talking in my previous post about a novel by Mr. Kevin Brooks, called THE LOST GOSPEL OF BARABBAS, which aims to offer readers a different perspective, far more nuanced than what is known from the Biblical text about him. And I was saying that I had really enjoyed this take on the character. He is not just a „robber” as we are told in Scripture, and yet, there is much more to him than a heroic Braveheart type of figure. If the first book set the proverbial stage for all the pain and anguish that makes Barabbas tick(read that and you will gasp at everything that he has had to endure, I guarantee you), this one shows him being forced to accept the painful facts of his life, as well as struggling with more of the frighteningly vivid visions of the supernatural that he experiences. This is a man who is unsure whether the intense things he sees, hears and feels are blessings or curses, a man who is constantly trying to make sense of who he is and what he is meant for, and for Christian fiction, this is as refreshing as it comes. The world needs more heroes of this caliber in Christian novels, as they have been too often accused of having saintly Sunday-school-like protagonists who overcome the evil that stands against them with their purity alone. Here we have a man who has seen, heard, felt and done horrible things, and he knows it very well. A man who has a calling, which he cannot deny, and yet, does not fully understand. Which, in a way, is a story that every one of us Christians know.

What I loved about this book is how well the author continues to use certain aspects of what is a typical heroic journey with a character that is not entirely a hero. I loved the moment in which Samuel, the adoptive father of Barabbas, gave him the sword that he had fought with while serving Rome. A perfect example of a new purpose being given to an object once used, at least in the view of our Roman-hating protagonist, for nefarious purposes. The supernatural encounters are also back, and as stated before, they are intense and filled with foreshadowing. A huge lion gives Barabbas a dire warning telling him to choose a side, and the chant of his name rings out from the tongues of angels, in the most brilliant bit of foreshadowing that I have ever come across in a work of Christian fiction.
But do you, dear readers, want to know what I loved the most about this book?
The fact that, as intense, cinematic(one would surely be inclined to say Netflix-worthy in this day and age), and gritty this book is, the best is yet to come. Given what I have read so far in this series, I cannot wait for the final installment which will surely have Barabbas meeting Jesus. I have never been more eager for a Christian author to finish a trilogy than I am for this one. A solid ten outta five for a gritty, heartfelt effort!

Though Mr. Brooks was gracious enough to provide me with a copy of his work for review purposes, the thoughts herein are my own, as a book of this kind is surely worthy of. Thank you, Mr. Brooks! Great, great job!

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