THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS: a sprawling, sincerely inspiring sequel to one of the most amazing Christian novels ever written.

Posted: July 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

My experience as a reader has taught me one thing above all: when one knows that there is a sequel to a great novel, the expectations for it grow greatly. So when I finished BRUECKE TO HEAVEN, the amazing historical novel by Mr. Timothy Tron dealing with the Waldensians, I knew what I expected from it: greatness.

And boooy, did the sequel ever deliver. It was absolutely epic in scope and cast of characters, significantly upping the proverbial ante for the characters. There is a great subplot about a hermit and his wolf that I absolutely adored. There are epic battles with pagan barbarians.
But what I loved the most about this book was the struggle that one particular character from the previous one was going through, and I am talking about Lucier, the general with the mission of hunting down the Waldensians. His long, arduous transformation, full of twists and turns, is among the most intensely written spiritual crises I have ever had the blessing to read about. He comes across as painfully torn between duty and conscience.
The reason I love these two books so much is the fact that although the villains are part of the Catholic Church, the books are not by a long shot anti-Catholic per se. These books were meant as a reminder of the power of true faith in the face of blind literalism. These two books are more than simple historical fiction novels to me. They are part of a legacy that the author does his best to honor, and of a faith so intense and so personal that one would have to be made of stone not to feel it. Do not let the size of this book get to you. Its 700+ pages move at a blistering pace to reveal a world that is long gone by, and yet so vividly described that it seems like it is part of the here and now. It is a sweeping epic of faith, hope and love that pulls no punches on the gritty side of life. Readers will be transported to a time when dying for faith was not just an ideal, but a cold, harsh reality that is too often taken for granted nowadays. The world needs more books like these.

I usually give a star rating. These books are worth constellations. Thank you, Mr. Tron. You have written a tale for the ages.
Disclaimer: While I do thank Mr. Tron wholeheartedly for agreeing to send me his books for review purposes, I must state the views herein are my own, and I am tremendously blessed to say so.

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