ARMY OF GOD: an action-packed, inspiring retelling of the story of Noah

Posted: June 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

The Bible is ripe with great stories. I believe there is a very good reason for it to be called The Good Book. It is filled with larger-than-life tales that just scream to be given an epic fantasy treatment, while holding onto the Truth that is at their core.
Among those tales, the biggest and boldest, in my view, is the story of Noah and his iconic Ark. It has everything: adventure, faith, impossible odds and a truly inspiring ending. And it is my great honor and blessing to say that I have found a novel that truly does justice to the story of Noah, giving it a fresh perspective while keeping the Truth in it intact.

The book is called ARMY OF GOD, and it is written by Mr. Dennis Bailey, to whom I extend my gratitude for the copy he graciously provided. With this in mind, DISCLAIMER: The views herein are my own. This kind of book deserves nothing less.

I think the author chose the style of the novel very well. From the very beginning, it all feels so cinematic, as people seek to take Eden by storm.
I loved how the author tried his hand at a bunch of different genres altogether with the book. At some point, it gets going in a sort of whodunit direction, as a mysterious killer leaves a trail of bodies behind, as if in a ritual. And the whole concept of an „Army of God” just SCREAMS IMAX material, and would make an infinitely better version of the Noah story than the confusingly lukewarm movie that came out some years ago, with Russell Crowe in the leading role. This story is never mind-boggling and never preachy. I love the struggle that Noah has with coming to terms with his mission from God. A cardboard-cut, Sunday School Noah would have just gone with it, and his family would have followed him without hesitation. But this interpretation gives them all flesh-and-blood human faces, and Noah is often considered mad by his own family. This is only hinted at in the Bible, as far as I can remember it, but fleshed out in an amazing manner here.
But what I loved the most about the book is how gradual the whole story arc with the animals is. It starts out with two lions, which is a big enough challenge for a family still struggling to figure out what God wants from them. And then it slowly but surely encompasses all of the living things on Earth. The final battle between the animals and the enemies of Noah is worthy of the big screen without any hesitation. The whole feud between Eden and Enoch comes crashing down in a final epic confrontation worthy of Tolkien.

I think this book has the most compellingly drawn villain I have ever read in a piece of Christian fiction, in the person of Bohar. I have never enjoyed the feeling of being disgusted by the appearance and actions of a villain as much as I did here. You are gonna love hating this dude.

This solid, amazingly well-written piece of Biblical fiction that hardly feels like a debut has earned my appreciation and respect. 10 out of 5 solid stars. Thank you, Mr. Bailey! Great work!

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