THE EMPOWERED: a serious case of an awesome sequel

Posted: May 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

In my previous review, I was talking about a novel called THE OCCUPIED, the first in a series featuring a character named Trevor Black, written by Craig Parshall. That book was all that a solid Christian thriller needs, so my expectations were naturally high.
The sequel, called THE EMPOWERED, did not fulfill those expectations. I should say that it did not ONLY fulfill them. It surpassed them completely.

The thing I loved the most about the first book returns here in spades. I am talking about the relationship betweeen Black and his gift. He is, indeed, a holy warrior. But he is hardly the perfect, spotless and invincible kind of warrior that could be expected. He struggles with his gift, which is a breath of fresh air to read. Plus, the stakes are much higher, as his daughter, Heather, a cultural anthropologist researching voodoo in New Orleans, enters the fray. As Black investigates a voodoo-based murder, he and his daughter enter a race against time to uncover a sinister plot involving two very dark enemies: voodoo and child pornography.
As its predecessor does, this book tackles controversial and intense subjects head-on, and that is something to be applauded. Evil is not turned into a cartoon character here, it is shown in all its ugliness and perversity. And I loved how the author captured the spirit of New Orleans, both its vibrant side and its dark, gritty underbelly. The twists and turns in this book feel like riding shotgun in a high-speed chase. I loved every page of it. A true testament to the power of God and the blessing of fatherhood, THE EMPOWERED will surely be remembered as a classic of Christian thrillers.
Solid five outta five for this one too!

God bless you, Mr. Parshall. Keep them coming!

The views herein are my own, and I am grateful to Mr. Parshall for the copy of his work he was kind enough to send.

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