THE OCCUPIED: a solid, faith-based supernatural thriller

Posted: April 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

The supernatural has always fascinated me. Ever since I was a kid, stories of the battle between good and evil were instrumental in my spiritual development.
The character in the book that I am about to review, Trevor Black, knows all about spiritual warfare, because he finds himself at the forefront of it.
The main character of the eponymous series by Mr. Craig Parshall(who was gracious enough to send me signed copies of his two novels in the series), Trevor Black is a man apart. Once an accomplished criminal lawyer, Black is able to sense demons, and thus selected by God to do battle against the forces of darkness.
The thing about supernatural Christian fiction, and something that Mr. Parshall does with gusto, is that preachiness should especially be avoided, lest the threat comes across as cheesy and one-dimensional. This is definitely not the case here. Trevor is plunged into a world that, at first, is beyond his understanding. And I loved how the book begins with a young metalhead reading a cheap-thrills type of horror novel scoffing at Trevor for reminding him of the reality of evil. The sort of stuff that he has to face is straight out of a Stephen King novel. In fact, I think the book reads very much like what would happen if Stephen King, William Peter Blatty and Lee Child were to team up and write a supernatural story. I loved how Black and his walk with the Lord are portrayed, starting with him as a rebel youth and continuing with his reluctance to accept the gift he is given. This is not the hokey-pokey „I saw the Light and now I am kicking demon butt” stuff some people might be tempted to take lightly.The villains are truly horrifying, and the suspense is really well done. Readers will follow a struggling, deeply flawed hero on a journey he is initially less than willing to embark upon, and cheer him on as he grows into a confident warrior of God. This is a book that does not shy away from heavy topics, so those who expect a Sunday-school, simplistic tale in which evil is cartoonishly ridiculous and good means spotless should look somewhere else. The trials and tribulations of Trevor Black are not for the faint-of-heart, as he faces a horrible string of ritualistic murders, with friends and enemies coming from the most unlikely of places. Oh, and the ending? That will set you up for the second book just fine, as our hero makes a discovery that will change everything he thought he knew about himself. What that discovery is, and how Trevor Black cracks his first gritty, scary case, I will let you discover on your own. You will be a spiritually richer person for it! Five of five for a solid Christian supernatural thriller. Thank you, Mr. Parshall. Great job!

Disclaimer: The views herein are my own and it is a blessing to say so.

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