OUT OF THE WILD: So much more than just a story of a man and a mustang

Posted: February 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

I love horses. The combination of strength and calm that they are known to exude puts me at ease whenever I have the chance to experience it.
As such, when I found out about the book that I am getting ready to tell you about, I knew it would be an extraordinary read.

The book, called OUT OF THE WILD, is the first novel by acclaimed horse trainer Mark Rashid, tells a tremendous story of second chances, while educating its readers on a different sort of horse training method.

Henry McBride used to be a hard-working cattle rancher. Now, he is nothing more than a broken,grief-stricken shell of that man. His wife and child are dead. Gone forever, due to him falling asleep behind the steering wheel. Right before a fatal crash. Now, all he can do is drift from town to town looking for jobs and nursing a bottle. All seems lost.
Until he meets Jessie King. A woman looking to escape her own demons. A gifted trainer who creates powerful, inspiring bonds with horses. Through Jessie and a young gray Mustang stallion, Henry’s path to redemption begins.

What I loved the most about this book is the fact that it does little to romanticize the life of a cowboy. It does tell a story in which the fates of a broken-down man and a broken-down horse intertwine. But it also tells a story of abuse, toward both people and horses. Jessie’s past nightmares have a face and a name, Chad, and he has come back with a vengeance. The tension between him and Henry makes for the best “wannabe tough-guy gets a lesson” scenes I have read in a while. And I also love the old-school vibe that Henry exudes. When hearing that the protagonist is an alcoholic cowboy, one might scoff: “Haven’t I seen this before?” But, trust me, when you discover the layers of Henry McBride, see what makes the man tick, and get to see where his devotion to his trade comes from, you’ll love this man. He’s easily the most agreeable alcoholic character I’ve ever come across, and I’ll be having a hard time pronouncing harsh judgments on people who struggle with this from now on.

To those of you who love horses, this is a book that will provide a wealth of information about how they relate to us. To those who love Westerns with an inspirational twist that doesn’t sound preachy or corny whatsoever, this novel is a definite must. A finely wrought tale of second chances, OUT OF THE WILD gets its well-deserved ten outta five!
While Mr. Rashid was kind enough to provide me with a copy of the book, the views herein are my own. Thank you, Mr. Rashid. Great, great job! The future looks good for you as a fiction writer. Here’s to more good ol’fashioned country-tinged tales.

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