IN THE FLESH -MY STORY: a poignant, daring and respectful retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told

Posted: January 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

Christians find inspiration in Jesus Christ. He is the core of who we are and what we stand for. But what if, with the power of our imagination, we could do more than that. What if we could see the life of Jesus through His own eyes?

Fiction often offers a great manner of expression for Truth, and I am thrilled and blessed beyond belief to have found the particularly awesome piece of fiction I am just about to review. I am talking about a novel called IN THE FLESH -MY STORY, written by Mr. Michael Gabriele, whom I wholeheartedly thank for the copy of his work he agreed to send me.

The public ministry of Jesus is arguably the most well-known story in the entire history of mankind. And yet, what I love so much about it is that with each retelling I discover of it, it manages to stay fresh. And there have been remarkably few novels about Christ from His own point of view, which makes this book a further breath of fresh air.
Starting right before the very beginning of the public mission of Christ, the novel puts readers in the shoes of Jesus, which is an awesome narrative technique. This book makes it remarkably easy to picture a fully divine and fully human Jesus. It invites readers into the heart and mind of the One person in the history of mankind whose values have never lost their impact. It is definitely a feast of the imagination for the faithful and the unafraid. We see a Jesus who, before starting the work of his Heavenly Father, experiences the pangs of loss for His earthly one, a Jesus whose bond with His blessed mother Mary comes from deep within His heart. A Jesus with a remarkably warm and friendly voice, a compelling storyteller and a revolutionary thinker.
What I loved most about this book, though, were the moments in which Jesus experienced the all-too-human feeling of uncertainty over what to do in certain moments of His life, only to overcome them with the help of His Heavenly Father. And also, the love for His apostles is so vividly represented within the pages of this book, that one can almost literally feel it. I loved how, whenever choosing them, He focused on their strong points rather than their weaknesses. He did not look down upon them. And those who seek to understand the relationship that Jesus had with Judas will find the truly heartbreaking conclusion that Jesus reached about his betrayer as the definitive response to his heinous act.
If I were to choose my favorite scene in the book, however, it would be a little scene in the Temple, when Mary Magdalene brings a bunch of children around Jesus, to counter the slandering words of the Pharisees. There is a small moment in that scene, in which Jesus rubs noses with a little girl, and that made me so, so emotional, because it touches upon the essence of who Jesus is in such an intimately human and utterly innocent manner. And the way in which the Passion is retold…if there is one novel that made me want to go down on my knees and thank Jesus for what He chose to do, knowing fully well that He could have stopped at any moment, IN THE FLESH is that novel. An amazing, potentially life-changing look at the life of Jesus, IN THE FLESH gets a well-deserved ten out of five stars! Thank you, Mr. Gabriele. A fine, fine work!

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