GRIMMIE: a take on the Grim Reaper that pulsates with life

Posted: October 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

The fear of death is the most prevalent fear that mankind has. Paradoxically, though,  most of us believe or want to believe that there is something beyond this entanglement of feelings and emotions that we call life.  What is death? Is there a God? A Heaven? A Hell? What happens to the soul once it leaves the body.

One guy knows the answers to all these questions. And his name is Corwin Grimm. So, who is this Corwin Grimm dude?

Well, the answer to that is known by a delightful lady by the name of Linda Cowden, and the endearing nickname of Auntie Maim. Ms. Cowden has written an awesome epic dark fantasy novel, which has Corwin Grimm as a central character.  Who’s Corwin Grimm, you might ask? Well, he’s a soulful saxophone player with a thing for cats. And the occasional stint as a vigilante, sending bad guys to hell while giving the last moment of comfort to  those in need of it.  Because….he’s also  The Grim Reaper! Escorting people to either realm of the afterlife does come with its heft, and this heft will haunt Corwin from the moment in which he touches the soul of a human being in a very special situation.  Throughout this sprawling novel, Grimmie, as he’s known to those who befriend him, muses on all that being human encompasses: faith, fear, love, longing, passion, pain and all the confusion inbetween, moving back and forth between goths, Japanese mobsters, Catholic priests and other such colorful characters. This is a book that’s written with a great deal of wit, a book with a big, pulsing heart that deserves a lot of attention, and a Netflix TV series! Think Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman writing a book together, and you’ve got GRIMMIE. Solid, solid read! Loved it!  Ten outta five for what may be my all-time favorite dark fantasy novel! Huge debt of gratitude to Auntie Maim for providing me with a copy of her enchanting work. However, the views herein are all my own!


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