THE SCRIPTURES ACCORDING TO SATAN: a gripping historical fantasy novel with more than meets the eye

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

There is no denying that Judeo-Christian mythology offers a rich tapestry when it comes to inspiration for fiction.  Stories of angels and demons seem to be all the rage  today. Some are more „orthodox” in their interpretations of Scripture, others are all about pushing the envelope.

And then, there are those who seamlessly and masterfully combine a bit of both, such as the novel I am about to review.

THE SCRIPTURES ACCORDING TO SATAN, by Miriam Jensen Hendrix is quite a hefty tome, with the title written in large red letters and a snake in the background. It is a book meant to catch the eye of the reader. But do not let the title shock you too much. It is one of the most Truth-speaking pieces of fiction that I have ever read, and it traces the path of Daystar, a Dominion of the Lord, charged with overseeing life on Planet Earth. All is nice and easy until „the monkeys” come along and spark the fire of jealousy into Daystar, taking him slowly but surely down the path towards becoming Satan. I loved how Ms. Hendrix gave Daystar a very clearly defined purpose. I loved how the angels themselves were organized, there is a great deal of skill in regard to world-building at work. The fact that Jesus shows up as the only Person in the Trinity to have flesh even before being actually born on Earth, and has a role to play in the Creation of Man is one of the most interesting twists in the Greatest Story Ever Told that I have read in recent years. The hatred of Satan towards mankind leaps from the page, after it has been built up and allowed to seethe inside of him. Judas, Caiaphas, Herodias, all get their say on the meaning of Jesus Christ and His ministry, in a twist on „lost gospels” unlike everything I have read before. Five stars is not enough for a gripping, stellar Biblical fantasy novel. Thank you, Ms. Hendrix. Great, great job! I disclose the fact that I received a copy of this awesome book for review, but the views herein belong to me and me alone.

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