THE MASKED SAINT: an underdog story of courage and faith

Posted: May 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

I love me a good old fashioned underdog story every once in a while, and my close friends know for a fact that I am a huge wrestling fan. This unique storytelling environment has created a great deal of underdog stories over the years.

I have had the pleasure and blessing to discover one in the pages of a little gem of a book called „The Masked Saint”, written by  Chris Whaley,  former professional wrestler(as „The Saint”) turned pastor.

If I were to classify the story according to genre, I would call it an autobiographical novel. But I am not here to only do that. I am going to try and tell you why this is, in fact a universal story told in a very particular way.

We all know that a hero’s journey is the most common main thread in a story. Well, this is among the finest inspirational hero journeys I’ve ever read.

The novel tells the story of Chris Samuels, the pastor of a struggling church who takes to the wrestling ring to help his community out, encouraged by his elderly friend, an African-American woman of great faith and courage known as Miss Edna. Chris tries his best to guide and inspire the people in his church, and under the guise of the Saint, he stands up for those who can’t stand up for themselves, putting his wrestling skills to good use as he instills some respect into bullies, pimps, robbers and abusive husbands in a manner akin to a real-life superhero.

I loved the fact that although the book is overtly Christian, it doesn’t really try to shove Christianity down the throats of readers. It treats them to a slice of gritty, intense life, and gives them an everyman that is believable in his struggle with his personal weaknesses, as he helps others struggle with their own. Which, in a just, fully God-following world, is what we all should be willing and able to do despite our fears, which as Miss Edna says, “are never fully realized.” I wholeheartedly thank Mr. Whaley for the copy of “The Masked Saint”. The views expressed herein, however, are solely mine. Five out of five for a solid, heart-uplifting piece of Truth-telling fiction.

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