TUNNEL VISION: A thrilling exploration of the afterlife

Posted: April 18, 2016 in Uncategorized
The afterlife has always been a very fascinating concept to me. I am one of those people who refuses to believe that there is nothing more to be said in regard to a human being after they die. The countless religions of the world, with all their interpretations of life and death, stand as evidence that there is more to life than cold, hard science. And this book is one of the most compellingly-written pieces of fiction that I have ever read on this subject matter.
The book tells the story of Zack Kashian, a Boston student, and conviced atheist, who after waking up from a bicycle-accident induced coma, recites the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, with no previous contact with anything related to the Bible whatsoever. Zack becomes viral on the Internet, thus attracting the fury of religious zealots who want him dead for spreading what in their view is heresy, as well as a group of Christian scientists who want definitive proof that the afterlife, indeed, exists. I truly enjoyed this thrill-ride of a novel, and was very appreciative of the fact that the author did his best not to shove an agenda down the throats of his readers. You will laugh, cry, be thrilled and inspired as you follow the journey of Zack through the misty world of the afterlife, and the ending will blow your mind! Not saying more! I wholeheartedly thank Mr. Goshgarian for sharing this story with me and the world. The views expressed herein are my own, and I’m honored to say so!

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