BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME, TRY HARD TO LOVE ME: the most emotional book on Michael Jackson I have ever read.

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Book reviews, Uncategorized

There’s no secret in the fact that Michael Jackson is one of, if not the most fascinating personality in the history of modern music. Countless records sold, which led to the other kind of records being set and broken by the same individual. Unique dance moves like the moonwalk and the robot, which have awed crowds numerous times, leading to mass frenzy. An intriguing contradiction: explosive and larger-than-life on stage, as a king commanding an army, yet private, discreet and painfully shy outside of it. King of Pop. King of controversy. King of childhood. Michael Jackson was all this, and then some.

Since his death, a great number of books on the subject of his life and work have been written, each with its own angle regarding the complex mosaic that Michael was. Some were  more objective than others. But as far as I’d known until recently, Michael Jackson was never the protagonist of a work of fiction. I say “until recently” because I was fortunate enough to find out about a novel, called BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME, TRY HARD TO LOVE ME, written by German author Subina Giuletti. I’ve had the absolute honor of receiving a signed copy of this book for review purposes, for which I’m wholeheartedly grateful. As a disclaimer, though, I state that the views expressed in this review are only and entirely my own.

The novel tells the story of Chirelle Sandler, a German tourist who, while visiting the USA, has a chance of working as a cook for a mysterious and wealthy Mr. J. As she soon finds out, the J. stands for Jackson. Michael Jackson. THE Michael Jackson, of whom she knew next to nothing from a personal point of view until having started working for him. Chirelle is immediately fascinated with the unique aura of Michael and starts uncovering the events of his life in a series of heart-to-heart conversations that ring true to the spirit of The King of Pop. I was thrilled,  moved, uplifted and inspired revisiting the life of the greatest entertainer who graced Earth with his presence. Never have I seen his emotions so vividly described as in this book. His connection to God, children and music, the essence of his being, will move every heart. I will never forget how Ms. Giuletti described him as “a song in human form”. This description is the number one reason why I will NEVER look at Michael Jackson the same way again. The Chandler trial is also discussed in great detail, like I’ve never seen before in a book. The way in which the author, through the perspective of Chirelle, enters the mind and soul of Michael and those around him is a true gift for anyone, whether a die-hard Michael Jackson fan or someone who only knows him from tabloids. 10 stars out of 5 for the most beautiful tribute to Michael I’ve ever read!

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