THE SPIRIT WAR: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY-quite honestly, the boldest take on the life of Jesus that I have ever read

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Book reviews

I am certain that I am not the only one who appreciates a fine fantasy story. There’s something about this imagination-pushing genre that is utterly fascinating. Being transported to a world where good battles evil in epic, larger-than-life confrontations that defy the odds is a great way to be entertained, for certain.

But what if there’s more to fantasy? What if someone can actually use it to inspire faith? Authentic, honest-to-God, loving faith. In my view, only a great human being can do that. I did not say “great writer”, for that would be stating the obvious. People like J.R.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis, who have inspired generations with the faith-grounded fantasy series that have made them household names, have finally found a worthy successor.

I am talking about Mr. Fernando Quiros, whose Spirit War Trilogy omnibus contains what I believe is the boldest, most daring retelling of the story of the life of Christ that I have ever read. The back cover says “The story of Jesus, in accord with the Gospels, as you have never heard it before”. And I think the description is pretty much spot-on. Mr Quiros shows the ability of a passionate storyteller: taking a story we’ve all been told in one manner or another, and telling it in such a way, that it is completely new and yet maintains the essence intact. Furthermore, it never, ever forces any particular religious beliefs down anyone’s throat. This is the type of book on Christ that any person of any conviction can enjoy. The reason for the existence of Jesus is explored like never before in the battle between God and Lucifer/Satan, a confrontation of Biblical proportions. All the events that are recorded in the Bible are given a fresh, vivid retelling, with angels and demons playing key roles in the lives of Jesus and the ones He interacts with. Longinus, whose famous spear confirmed the earthly end of Jesus’s life, is fleshed out here as a man of strong moral principles. The love between Mary and Joseph is beautifully and respectfully explored. The Nativity story is cinematic in scope, with struggles of good and evil displayed alongside the simplicity of human life back then. Herod is the pinnacle of manipulative cruelty, the Magi are portrayed with an unprecedented level  of heartfelt respect for other religions. The formative years of Jesus are explored in the same manner, and this book provides its readers with the most convincing explanations of His “missing years” and long hair that I have come across. The disciples, from Peter, through whom Christ offers a beautiful explanation about why the Church endured through ages of religious conflicts, to Judas, whose zeal is stronger than his actual love, come across as fully human individuals, far from the stern figures some religious leaders choose to reveal. The relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene is passionate, yet Gospel-grounded. The Crucifixion, Satan’s apparent moment of triumph, is thwarted by Jesus through his Resurrection and descent to Hell. And the best part of all this is the fact that this is not a religious book per se. It’s The Greatest Story Ever Told, recounted in a manner meant to encourage, not enforce, to inspire, not impose. You will walk with Christ through His time, much like one walks with their best friend. This is a very human Jesus, who enjoys healing, who weeps unashamedly, who challenges  authority for the sake of Truth, and embraces His fate for the sake of our own. This book has made my journey as a Christian a better one, and it deserves all  the best, as does the  mind and heart that crafted it. Beautiful! a  must-read!

  1. Fernando Quiros says:

    Thanks so much, Alex. I´m a little embarased by being put in the company of C.S. Lewis and Tolkein, but honored by your sincerity. A great review, and I´ll always try to live up to the human qualities you compliment me with.

    I´ve never suffered a demon attack such as you described in your separate e-mail. I think in my case the enemy doesn´t bother because I can do such a good job of getting down on myself. It´s heartening that you got such direct relief from the Lord, just as your love for *The Spirit War* is heartening to me.

    If you ever want to share anything else count on me as a friend in Christ.

    Fernando Quirós

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