THE SPIRIT WAR: HEALING AND REDEMPTION-a stunning conclusion to an essential Christian fantasy trilogy

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Book reviews

Writing Christian fiction often proves to be quite a risky endeavor. There is a plethora of reasons for which this statement rings true.

Firstly, one of the essential concepts in Christianity is Truth. It is at the core of what I call the Christ Trinity: the Way, the Truth and the Life. The risk implied by Christian fiction in this case  is that there still are individuals who find Truth and fiction incompatible. To those, I come with a challenge-question: what were the Parables of Jesus all about if not Truth-based, Truth-revealing, Truth-sharing fiction.

Then, there are those who think Christian fiction cannot bring anything new to the Bible, nor  should  it attempt to do so. To those, I come with words of consolation: no work of fiction will ever change anything about the Bible, if one’s belief in the Bible is held as sacred as they suggest it is.

Fortunately, there are those who understand the nature of the Life of Christ as The Greatest Story Ever Told with everything that each and every one of these words can mean.

I’ve been privileged and honored to read a work of Christian fantasy that I now believe should definitely be read by anyone, Christian or not, who has ever been fascinated with the life and times of Jesus Christ. I’m talking, of course about The Spirit War trilogy, by Fernando Quiros, an author I am blessed to have been acquainted with.

Having just finished the third volume, which I’m about to review in the following lines, I can certainly vouch for this trilogy as my favorite Christian fantasy novel since the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and that’s saying something.

Writing a novel about the public ministry of Jesus is an endeavor that may seem easy enough at first glance, on account of the many sources that one can find regarding this subject matter. If you’re Fernando Quiros, though, and want to tell this story, a story that everyone has at least an idea of, in a manner which has never been explored before, things change. Trust me when I say this, you’ve never heard the story of Jesus this way before, and if there’s one series you should read that is filled with Truth disguised as larger-than-life fiction, this is it.

In HEALING AND REDEMPTION, the public ministry of Christ vibrantly comes to life in an exciting, emotional and inspiring manner. Readers will be delighted to see the miracles that have cemented the name of Jesus in the history of spirituality in a fresh, astonishingly human, yet divinely inspired perspective. My heart sang as I read the words of the Messiah urging a cured leper to enjoy his health as much as He enjoyed providing a cure. I cheered Jesus on through every heated debate he had with the religious authorities of the time, and I vibrated with joy when He stated in their presence that religion and loving the Father are not one and the same. I felt the spiritual struggle of every character, from Simon Peter, the burly fisherman who finds a new life in Christ, to Longinus, a constant supporter of Jesus despite his status as a soldier of Rome, to the beautifully rendered Blessed Mother Mary, finally coming to grips with the destiny of her beloved Son, and Mary Magdalene, the woman whom Jesus loved as no other. I even felt for Judas, who comes across as the living result of what happens when man tries to impose his own purpose on God. The Passion and Crucifixion are vividly painted as an epic spiritual confrontation between God and Satan, with the words “My God, why have You forsaken Me?” being given a vivid new meaning(read the book and I guarantee you’ll never look at those words the way you used to again!). The descent of Jesus to Hell is something straight out of Tolkien, that will encourage and inspire every reader, no matter of their religious convictions. I loved the intensity of this book, because it’s a very well-calculated intensity. Not one word of this novel is meant to preach or force anything down anyone’s throat. It is a book meant to bring the Way and the Truth to Life, and it does so in a manner that is warm in its familiarity and surprising in its novelty. If I were to credit one book that I’ve read over the course of my life as the book that has shown me the key to the endurance of Christianity, I wouldn’t credit any theological treatise written by an expert historian/philosopher. I would credit HEALING AND REDEMPTION, for its scene of Jesus’s explanation of the change of name that Simon experiences through Him to become Peter. The reason for which Christianity is here, and still relevant to His true followers, has never been more vividly and clearly revealed to me. I hope those of you who are looking for the answer to a question that has undoubtedly crossed your minds more than once, will find yourselves as blessed and humbled by the answer as I did.

For those of you who think of Jesus as the Son of God, for those who love fantasy with all their heart, for those looking for a new perspective on an age-old story, THE SPIRIT WAR is the trilogy you’re looking for, and HEALING AND REDEMPTION is a worthy conclusion to a sprawling, epic labor of love. May it enrich you all as it did me. Thank you, Mr. Quiros, for the courage, inspiration and love that you poured into this pages. I feel as though I am a richer person having read this trilogy, and this final book especially. I will always look at Jesus with reverence, but if there is one work of fantasy that has made it that much easier for me to look at Him with love, this is it. Five stars would not do it justice, so let my rating be all my admiration and respect for a worthy scribe whose writing was guided by God for a retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told that should, and most likely will, endure through the ages!

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