SUDAN: an intense, heartfelt stand against slavery

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

If I were asked to name the most evil, depraved invention of mankind, I would not name any objects. I would name a concept, an idea that has plagued humanity for millennia. No history book can do justice to its horrors. No reason whatsoever can excuse it or condone it.
I’m talking about slavery. But there’s something even more baffling and frightening than all the horrors it has caused in the past, and that is the fact that in some parts of the world, this hideous monster is alive and kicking. Kicking the dignity of human beings when it’s down.
I’ve had the privilege to read a gripping novel dealing with this still-existing problem in ways I’ve seldom seen. The book is simply called SUDAN, and it is written by Ninie Hammon(whom I wholeheartedly thank for the signed copy she sent me) and Art Ayris, both of whom were very interested in the Sudanese slave trade. And the interest is more than evident. It permeates every page of this engrossing, highly emotional and tautly written thriller with a heart.
The book tells the story of a Sudanese farmer, called Idris Apot, whose daughter is kidnapped during a raid on his village and sold to a slave trader. American journalist Ron Wolfson is also in Sudan, hoping to find evidence of the slave trade and genocide of the tribal people by the Sudanese government that is conclusive enough for his brother to propose a bill in the Senate punishing the dictatorship for the persecution against Christian and animist tribal members.
The story is filled with graphic details, although never does it use violence gratuitously. It only portrays a disturbingly real world, a world where children are tortured with insects in their ears and tied to the bellies of camels which are given water at the same time, their swollen abdomen causing limbs to tear. But most of all, it portrays a world in which the nation that is known as the most powerful is silent for the most part about the incredibly cruel things that happen.
But at the same time, it is a story of faith, hope and love, of fighting the odds, of friendship and courage. A powerful mixture of the best and worst in human nature that will cause readers to stop, think, pray and then turn the pages further to get to the end.
SUDAN is highly recommended to all those who have ever wanted to make a difference in the world. A timely reminder that even a simple individual can achieve seemingly impossible goals through determination and love. For this, I award it all the stars in the universe! Blessings, Ms. Hammond! Awesome job!

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