LUZ: a sprawling epic of faith, rebellion and love

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Revolutions have always been a fascinating topic to me. People rising to defend themselves from oppressive regimes that impose a certain manner of speech, thought and action to them are role models, in my view. During one of my usual quests for the next thought-provoking read, I came across a novel that immediately caught my attention.
The masterpiece I’m talking about is called LUZ, and it is written by Luis Gonzalez, a Cuban author now residing in the United States. I had the honor to receive a copy of this absolutely enthralling novel.
Why am I calling it enthralling? Because I’ve seldom read something that kept me glued to the pages like LUZ has. This is a big, sprawling epic of remarkable profundity, telling the story of a young married couple seeking to escape Cuba in the wake of the August 1994 revolts against Castro. Although a good opportunity for escaping the dystopian reality that they live in presents itself, Clara’s whole world is turned upside down by a supernatural experience: a visitation from the Archangel Gabriel, who bears news of a female Savior being born to her, although an illness has rendered her unable to bear children. If the parallels with the story of Christ are striking, that is because the author has intended it so. For the novel is not just a story of a troubled period in history. It is a modern-day parable about human nature and faith, about freedom and adversity, about culture and identity, and ultimately a profound, tender meditation about human nature that will provide both entertainment and food for thought. The dialogues between The Creator and his rebellious Son are a veritable back spine for the book, revealing Mr. Gonzalez’ wit.
LUZ is a unique, genre-bending novel that serves as the most powerful assertion of Latin-American identity I’ve ever read. Ten out of five stars. Gracias, senor Rodriguez.

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