ELI: the trials and tribulations of a modern-day Messiah

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

One of the reasons I like Christian fiction is that sometimes, it can come up with new, fresh ways of bringing out the Gospel truths, and one of the finest examples of this is a novel by accomplished Christian thriller author Bill Myers, Eli, of which I had the honor of getting a copy from the author.

A lot of people who renounce Christianity say they do so because they do not need some words said 2000 years ago in order to live a decent life. Well, to those people, this thought-provoking thriller might offer a challenge, as it poses a very intriguing question. This book tells the story of a skeptical journalist, Conrad Davies, who writes for this sensationalistic newspaper. One day, he has a car accident, which puts him in a coma, and at the same time transports him to another reality, different from ours by one aspect only: Jesus didn’t come 2000 years ago, but in the modern era.

This provides an interesting and captivating story. Eli Shepherd(the name of the modern-day Jesus) heals people on live TV, feeds the multitudes with fries and burgers and meets his agonizing death due to an accusation of bombing the mega-temple he stormed. This novel offers a fresh reinterpretation of the story we all think we know and does so without being preachy. Its captivating storyline and narration will engage even those of no particular denomination. If there’s one novel of Jesus in modern times everyone should read it’s this one. Ten out of five for what is sure to become a classic of Christian fiction! Blessings upon blessings for you, Mr. Myers!

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