BETWEEN TWO FIRES: a stellar historical dark fantasy

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

I love historical novels. I enjoy being able to travel to other times by means of an author’s words. There’s nothing like it.

I also enjoy a good scare from time to time, and while I’m not big into horror movies, I like reading horror novels, because I believe that in order to scare with mere words, there’s a special kind of skill as a wordsmith that one must possess.

Christopher Buehlmann’s awesome novel BETWEEN TWO FIRES, of which I was honored to receive a signed copy, is a fine example of a historical horror/dark fantasy novel done by the book. Set in 1348 in France, the novel tells the dark, yet strangely inspiring story of a renegade knight, Thomas, who comes across an orphan of the plague, a special girl by the name of Delphine, who has the ability to see and communicate with angels and demons. Together with sodomite Pere Matthieu Hanicotte, these 2 travel through plague-ridden France to get to safety, encountering people of all sorts, and, of course, angels and demons.

Where this book shines the most is the language. Mr Buehlmann conveys the characters’ manner of speech and thought masterfully, with all the larger-than-life swearing that was typical to the period(there’s also an awesome scene related to that in the book, so read it!). The horror part is also very well-done, there are river monsters, demonic saint statues, and other such abominations that send chills down one’s spine, creating vivid imagery the likes of which I’ve seldom seen before. There’s action, there’s some dark humor, and there’s always a thread of hope throughout the narrative. All this makes BETWEEN TWO FIRES a stellar novel. 10 outta 5! Helluva job, Mr. Buehlmann!

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