TALE OF THE PENITENT THIEF: an action-packed journey of self-discovery and forgiveness.

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I love reading books that feature Jesus as a character. Biblical fiction is one of my favorite genres, there’s something very special about being able to escape to the time of Christ by the power of words, to feel the smells, hear the sounds of 2000 years ago, to walk the dusty roads of the Holy Land with Jesus and his disciples.

One of my favorite stories in the New Testament is that of the Penitent Thief. Forgiveness can be achieved by anyone with a repentant heart, including the lowest of the low.

The Bible speaks little else of this thief apart from his plea for forgiveness to Christ on the cross. Thankfully, author Don Willis has written THE TALE OF THE PENITENT THIEF, an action-packed novel telling the life story of Dismas.

He is introduced as a boy taking care of his ill mother, who ends up meeting the Holy Family when Joseph comes looking for a place for Mary to give birth to Jesus. Then, after a series of tribulations, he starts hanging out with the wrong sort of people, namely a gang of highwaymen who plot on robbing the Magi(ingenious plot device by the author), and his connection to Barabbas leads him to the cross(read this book to see how). The book is filled with vivid descriptions of the landscape and the thrilling storyline keeps the pages turning, whilst carrying the essential message of forgiveness and redemption. Five out of five stars for a worthy successor to Biblical fiction classics like The Robe.


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