THE ELVIS INTERVIEWS: a rockin’, rollin’, whole-lotta-shakin’ crime thriller with a twist

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Now, there ain’t no secret in the fact that I’m a huge, and I mean HUGE Elvis fan. I am positively addicted to his music, and thus, whenever a book that has anything to do with him pops up, I want to read it.

Like any Elvis enthusiast, the big question has occurred to me on more than one occassion: What if Elvis was actually alive? I know, I know, I sound like one of them darned conspiracy theory nutjobs. While I know Elvis is no longer with us physically, I have to state the following: 1. his legacy is alive and kickin’ and 2. The “what if” question mentioned earlier makes fine reading.

Mr. Glen Bonham has written a great book, THE ELVIS INTERVIEWS, of which I had the honor of receiving an autographed copy. The reason that I call this book great(apart from dealing with The King) is simple: it’s got the full package: hard-hitting action, a colorful cast of characters, humor, and a whole lotta heart. Since I brought the characters into discussion, I’ll talk about them a bit. There’s JJ Fitzgerald, a car thief offered the opportunity of a huge heist, Ed Stafford, a down-on-his luck investigative reporter looking for his next big story, mysterious Sheriff Jesse Smith, a walking encyclopedia on the King of Rock N’Roll, Jimmy Miyake, a Yakuza member, Frank Shapiro, a night-club owner and Brooklyn mobster, Nick and Heavy Andrews, two heavy-duty goons…Now what could all these people have in common? What could bring them together? Ready? Steady? Alright, here goes: Elvis. Presley’s. Pink. Cadillac. Yep, the whole novel revolves around the theft of the iconic pink car, and it’s a mighty fine read. The short chapters and Mr. Bonham’s keen writing style make it a fast-paced thriller, and the Interviews in the title give it a whole lotta soul. The pages keep turning, the questions keep showing up, but one thing stays the same: the spirit of Elvis permeates every page of this great book. Like Sheriff Jesse tells Ed Stafford, it’s the book Elvis would’ve written if he were alive, and for that, I give it a well-deserved 10 outta 5. Thankyaverymuch, Mr. Bonham, you made Elvis proud, and me happy.




  1. Glen Bonham says:

    Fantastic! Thank you Alex.

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