WOLVERINE: WEAPON X- a chilling tale of men and monsters.

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

If there’s one character in comics that I can totally identify with, it’s Wolverine. This guy is by no means the colorful type of character some people might associate comics with. He’s a symbol of internal turmoil. He’s visceral, violent, raw. But most of all, he’s in a continuous battle with himself: man or monster? I remember my childhood years, growing up with the X-Men animated series, emulating the sound of his adamantium claws by rubbing 2 forks together, adding a rasp to my voice, and saying “Bub” every 3 words. As I grew up, through the Internet, I found out that the character had a much more complex history. I found out about Mr. Marc Cerasini and his novels WOLVERINE: WEAPON X and WOLVERINE: VIOLENT TENDENCIES, and decided that they were must-reads.
I had the great honor of receiving a copy of each novel from the author, in exchange for a review, and oh, boooy, do these books rock!

WEAPON X is an adaptation of Barry Windsor Smith’s graphic novel of the same title, and let me tell you one thing. This is not the Wolverine I grew up with. This is not the sexy Hugh Jackman Wolverine. This is the best Wolverine I’ve ever encountered in a work of fiction. Marc Cerasini’s novel is a dark, gritty, downright savage exploration of a man’s metamorphosis into a weapon. A drifter with a share of skeletons in his closet, Logan is caught by a group of mad scientists and forced into a chilling experiment turning him into an indestructible weapon with harder-than-diamond steel blades coming out of his hands.
The description of the bonding process that sheathed Logan’s skeleton with adamantium is painstaking, and throughout the novel, the author asks the following question: Who is the monster? Indeed, who? Logan, born with a mindblowing metabolism that allows him to regenerate and keen instincts, or the cast of mad scientists trying to turn him into a killing machine? From Abraham Cornelius, accused of murdering his family, to The Professor, whose life was marked by heinous killings, these more than shady characters test the limits of what it means to be human, through experiments that will make readers cringe in the best Wolverine novel out there. Thank you, Mr.Cerasini, for the greatest honor in my existence as a Wolverine buff! 10 stars outta 5!


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