IMPALER: a dark, gritty portrait of a man larger than life

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Everybody knows the story of Dracula, or so it seems. The blood-craving vampire count has undoubtedly left a mark upon our world. But the most chilling aspect is not Dracula’s immortality, nor his ability to turn into a bat or a wolf. The most blood-curdling thing about Dracula is that he was inspired by a real, living, breathing person.

Author John Salonia has chosen to tell the story of the man behind the myth, Vlad the Impaler, in his novel, titled simply IMPALER, a top-notch historical thriller of which I’ve had the honor of receiving a copy.

The novel starts in the midst of Vlad’s bloody reign, with a Pole spy sent to investigate the gruesome reports surrounding the man known as “The Devil’s Son”. Saxon merchants at the time were biased against Tepes, who is considered a hero by most of the people in my country, and so they made up horrific tales about him, turning him into the first victim of tabloid press.

The second part of the novel(arguably the essence of it) deals with Vlad and his brother Radu’s imprisonment by the Ottoman Turks. The author warns the reader in the beginning of the book that there’s some strong anti-Turkish bias depicted in the book, and there is plenty of it, but it only serves as a portrayal of the mentality of those times, when Christians and Muslims settled their differences with a great deal of violence. The things Vlad and his brother go through at the hands(and other, more private body parts) of the Turks are gruesome. Fact is, the whole book is filled with such scenes, from mass impalements to the death of Vlad’s father and brother by the hands of corrupt nobles, but the book truly does justice to the Impaler, thoroughly explaining what makes this larger-than-life figure tick. 5 out of 5 for a truly enjoyable read.
Thank you Mr. Salonia. Bloody great job.

  1. john salonia says:

    Dear Alex, I’m very pleased that you found the book enjoyable. Thanks for the kind words! You are the first person EVER to review my work, so your review is doubly appreciated.

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