Posted: September 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

If someone were to ask most people in today’s world what Nazism is, they’d most likely define it as the most inhuman, indecent, immoral regime ever to exist. They wouldn’t be far from the truth. However, what if I were to say that good, decent, CHRISTIAN people helped back the Fuhrer’s mad “crusade” up?

That is precisely the idea behind THE SEDUCTION OF EVA VOLK, a Christian historical novel written by C.D. Baker, of which I had the honor of receiving a signed copy. The heroine of the novel is the daughter of an Evangelical pastor, by all standards a good, decent person. The problem is, she gets caught up in a web of seduction when she falls in love with Hitler Youth member Wolf Kaiser.

The novel is exquisitely written, the author really has a fine sense of time and place and his descriptions of the German countryside of that time are finely detailed. It is a book that every living person who has ever wondered what the nature of evil is should read. C.D. Baker paints a gritty, vivid, unforgettable picture of Nazi Germany, pulling no punches on a heavy dose of uncomfortable truth. It might come to some readers as a shock that Hitler cleverly used Scripture teachings in his favor to brainwash the masses. The characters are fleshed out remarkably well, from Eva, to her father Paul, to the fanatically proud Wolf. Nazism is commonly seen as the project of a monster. Yet, as the author points, we need not fear monsters. Human beings left with no choice are equally dangerous.

With that in mind, I rate this relevant gem of a novel 10 stars out of 5. Great job, Mr. Baker!

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