The Dark Knight Rises: a timeless story of what makes a hero tick.

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

A short while ago, I went to the cinema to see the epic, explosive final chapter in the Dark Knight trilogy, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, by Christopher Nolan, and it just might be the most intense movie I’ve seen this year. It literally left me begging for more, I didn’t want the whole experience to be just 164 minutes, I wanted it to last for as much as I liked. My wish came true when Mr. Greg Cox, the author of the novelization of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES agreed to send me a signed copy of his awesome prose adaptation of the epic film in exchange for a review(something he told me he doesn’t usually do, so, I am the luckiest Bat-fan on God’s green earth.)

The book is everything I expected it to be. It’s a thriller chock-full of action, which does justice to the final installment of Nolan’s Batman saga, perfectly capturing the chaotic and desolate, but strangely inspiring vibe that the movie has. There’s little bonus material added, which some people might consider a weak spot for a novelization, but let me tell you IT’S NOT. It’s definitely not. This book just plain rocks! I loved how utterly human Bruce Wayne/Batman was, both in the movie and in Mr. Cox’s stellar novelization of it. I felt his pain as he was struggling with himself and Bane, who is much more methodical when described by the power of words. I loved how Catwoman was actually referred to as Catwoman in the book, and how her ambiguous morality was portrayed. I loved that we actually get a clue on what might happened to a certain clown(read this book). The character’s thoughts made their motivations clear and the detailed descriptions of the background made me feel like I was watching the movie all over again, only this time, with a bit more clarity. The ending is well-done, both in the movie and the book, and the novel’s 400+ pages do justice to the movie’s epic scope, while moving at a blistering pace. The message is truly inspiring, which is the thing that I loved the most about the book. To conquer fear, one must embrace fear, and RISE above all that stands in their way. The author is really good at exploiting the RISE motif of the film in prose.

So, for those die-hard Nolan Batverse fans of you who don’t want to wait until the DVD hits the shelves, and for those of you who just enjoy a kick-ass action thriller with a heart, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, by Greg Cox, is just the book for you. I give it 5 well-deserved stars. Thank you, Mr. Cox. Hell of a job!

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