CIVIL WAR: an asskicking superhero novel of epic proportions.

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Uncategorized


If you know me, you know that I’m quite close to being the biggest superhero geek there is. So imagine my excitement when Mr. Stuart Moore, the author of the prose adaptation of Marvel’s graphic novel CIVIL WAR agreed to send me a signed copy of his novel. Yes, you read me well, I own a signed copy of Marvel’s first novel in the new line of prose, and I’m damn proud of it.

The book is definitely worth a read, even for those who aren’t comic book fans. Fact is, I think this novel is a pretty good starting point for those who want to start reading comics, but are used to reading prose.

The plot is absolutely awesome: a group of young superheroes unintentionally cause a tragedy when they decide to take on supervillains way out of their league for a reality show. This leads to a debate that, in my view, was very well-captured in the novel: should superheroes unmask and publicly state their identity(as Iron Man proposes) or should they remain vigilantes(as Captain America states they should be). Of course, this difference of opinions is not just that(we are talking about 2 of the greatest superheroes in the Marvel Universe), and this goes south in the blink of an eye. Spider-Man is a key player in all this thing, which I understand is an expansion from the original graphic novel(which to my shame I haven’t read), and so are the Fantastic Four, who are dealing with problems of their own. The book is chock-full of epic battles and it’s a who’s-who of the Marvel Universe. The clash of egos between the two superheroes is very well done, I truly didn’t know who to side with in all this. They both have their reasons to fight, and they do it with all their power. I think behind the superhero story there lies a story about how people fight for what they believe in. This book has action, intrigue, humor, drama, and is essentially an incredibly fun book to read. I’ve read reviews saying it reads too much like a comic book in prose, but to those people, I say a big fat WELL, NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! It’s a prose adaptation of a freakin’ comic, for Cap’s sake! It’s not supposed to read like Chaucer. For what it is, this book is absolutely awesome and I’m honored to have a copy of it on my shelf. It truly made me feel like I was there in the heat of battle.Five stars out of five! Thank you, Mr. Moore, helluva job.


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