4 years… forever grateful.

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

February 22 marks a day of great significance to me.  It started a long road filled to the brim with pain, but also with hope, solidarity, dedication and loyalty. It is a day of gratitude, which has taught me the value of friendship.  It is tAs I was laying on that hospital bed, fresh out of with pain shooting through my body, I can assure y’all that my mind wasn’t on pretty stuff.

What matters about this day, though, is not my pain. What is essential is the fact that I was reminded that I’m not alone in this struggle. I will forever be grateful to everyone who helped me get through this harsh period.

My most loyal supporter, my mother, was there for me every single moment. Her dedication and love kept me sane during the long and painful recovery. I am forever grateful for what she has done and continues to this day to do.Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I’m terribly sorry for what I put you through back then, and all the other times I’ve let you down with my attitude.

Also crucial in this epic battle were my high-school classmates. I owe them all a great deal, they were there to lift my spirit when my stubborn body was about to give in. Thank you all, from David, my soul brother, a man’s man who’s always there to give me a reality check when I refuse to see what’s to be seen, to Cosmin and Vlad, the party animals(I miss goin’ wild with you guys, I swear), Razvan(Keep it hustlin’ , bro), Atena, an endless fountain of wise-cracking jokes, Ina,the most talented artist and one of the warmest, sweetest human beings I know, each and every one of you wonderful people have all my loyalty and respect.The touch of your hands holding mine and the sight of you all at my bedside did more good to me than all the painkillers I got. LOVE YOU ALL!

I’d like to also thank all the teachers from CNB for their kind understanding of my situation, and tell them all I am proud to have been their student.

To conclude, I’ll say that the battle is far from over, but thanks to all the wonderfully awesome people I’ve mentioned here, I’ve learned to always keep my head and spirit up high.  It is truly a valuable lesson, one that has forever changed who I am today. The best painkillers I could prescribe are loyalty, solidarity and love!

May you all be blessed!

Alex Szollo, forever grateful.



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