VIOLENT SANDS-the only worthy religious thriller I have had the pleasure and honour to read

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since a certain Mr.Brown hit the shelves with his highly controversial and infamous  “Da Vinci Code”, countless novels have tried to deny the divinity of Christ by having Him married to Mary Magdalene,denying His redemptive death on the cross or turning the treacherous Judas into a hero. The world is hungry for controversy.This has made me wonder whether there’s someone who can write a gripping,intense thriller,but keep the Christian message intact.

I got my answer by reading an excellent novel called “Violent Sands” ,written by Sean Young.  Centered around Barabbas,the zealot freed on Good Friday instead of Jesus Christ,the book shines in absolutely every aspect possible.

First of all,the action never stops.Zealots were skilled,ruthless warriors,and the novel really shows that.The action scenes are so intense,they’re like something out of a Hollywood film.

Second,there’s the characterisation. Barabbas,the morally conflicted main character,Pilate,the greedy prefect,Gaius,the centurion who has the guts to confront his superior,despite the possibly severe consequences,Leila,the peace-loving young woman who adores Barabbas,despite rejecting his bloody retributional philosophy…and of course Jesus,who’s only mentioned shortly,but in my view is the backspine of this novel,are just a few of the very well done characters in this gritty yet inspiring tale.

Thirdly,what would a good thriller be without a treasure hunt? I really loved the treasure in this book: the Copper Scroll,containing directions to the location of a massive treasure and something that will shake the foundation of the main character.

What I loved most about this awesome novel is the Christian message.Without being preachy,Mr.Young has done an awesome job of putting forward the message that everyone has a chance to be redeemed,including a man of arms,who listens to the voice of vengeance.I think there’s a bit of Barabbas in all of us at some point,but we have to make sure our inner peace outweighs our violence.

For everyone who wants a thrilling,intense,very well-researched and inspiring read, “Violent Sands” is the perfect book.I enjoyed every single minute of it,feeling truly transported to that turbulent yet fascinating period in history. 5 well-deserved stars.

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