BENEATH A WINTER MOON there lies an awesome werewolf novel.

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

I don’t know about other horror readers,but to yours truly it seems like the werewolf novel genre has been needing a breath of fresh air for long, especially after THE VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF  BOOK SERIES FOR TEENS THAT MUST NOT BE NAMED. The book that I am about to review, BENEATH A WINTER MOON,written by Shawson Hebert, who sent me an autographed copy of his novel for which I thank him from the bottom of my heart,is JUST THAT. It’s a scary,fast-paced ,gory in-your-face,thrilling,epic story with an antagonist that would eat Jacob Black for breakfast and Edward Cullen for dinner and then die of a severe case of mushiness-induced diabetes.

When three friends,Thomas,Devereaux Daniel Coahoma and Delmar Forsythe, along with their hunting guides and Thomas’s Siberian Husky Jack, go hunting in the snowy mountains of Canada,they discover that,from the shadows,they’re hunted themselves,by something that would make the Grizzly that they’re trying to hunt back down yelping like a scaredy cat.  Their plane crashes,leaving them at the mercy of the elements and a century-old werewolf who is the perfect killing machine. Though it may sound simplistic,this is by no means a formulaic,B-movie type of werewolf novel.The suspense Mr.Hebert uses makes the reader forget this is a debut novel,the characterization is really well done,I cared so much about the characters,especially Thomas and his best pal Jack. The part where this book shines is the perspective of the villain.I confess I had multiple moments where the hairs on the back of my hands and neck were standing up straight. I know werewolves are fictional creatures,but if they were real,I do believe they would act just like Mr.Hebert describes them. The loyalty that Thomas and Jack feel for each other  is like a spine to this novel,Jack being the one that helps Thomas and the group stay alert.

Another interesting character is the old Scottish hermit, Alastair,to whom there is much more than meets the eye. What that means,I will let the readers discover. Oh,and the ending. Oh Boooooooooy,the ending. I LOVED IT! I’m not gonna say more than that it left me BEGGING for MORE,MORE ,MORE!

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned werewolf novel and much more,I highly recommend Mr. Shawston Hebert’s book BENEATH A WINTER MOON. 5 well-deserved stars! Thank you,Mr Hebert,for bringing back the type of werewolf that I and  many other readers had been longing for!


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