3 years …whoa,does time fly by or what?

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s unbelievable how fast time flies by.Next week marks the 3rd anniversary of the demise of my handicap.On February 22,2008,a huge change occurred in my life.It took a whole lotta pain,a whole lotta blood,a hell of a lot of tears,but I can tell you it was definitely worth it.Why? Because I had  wonderful people beside me ,whose mere presence was a source of energy.I’m talking about my wonderful mother ,whose tenacity and fierce love kept me alive and sane throughout that whole ordeal. Thanks , mum.You gave me life and then constantly made it better every year. You gave it all and asked for no return.If that’s not loyalty,I don’t know what it is. I owe you my life and love you to death.

Secondly there’s a group ,a wonderful,wonderful group ,who like Robin Hood’s Merry-men were there for me when I was down and out,on the brink of madness.My high-school mates,who became my brothers and sisters,with their undying support. I would especially like to give my thanks to David Alb,an absolutely remarkable young man,with the mind of a man twice his age.He started as a simple classmate,and then became my friend,and ended up as my brother.He gave me everything he could to make me feel comfortable with myself and the people around me.Thanks,bro,for all the good things that you brought into my life,and I hope I will repay you someday,because you deserve it in every way possible.

It’s hard for me to single anyone out,everyone in that group has a special place in my heart,from Vlad and Cosmin(I love you ,you bloody drunkards!),to Andreea,who was the first person to help me walk  when I entered the classroom,Atena,whose sometimes not so subtle jokes hide a wonderful person with a huge heart,Ina ,whose art is as beautiful as her sweet-natured personality,all of you are absolutely awesome and these words are not enough.

The teachers in my former high-school are also special people and I would like to thank them ALL for their understanding of my situation.I will certainly do my best to make them proud,and I’m grateful to have been their student.


Alex Szollo,super-nerd extraordinaire,eternally grateful.

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