AM I NOT A MAN : THE DRED SCOTT STORY-the Great American Historical Novel

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Before recently I had no clear favorite when it comes to American historical figures.That was until I found out about Dred Scott.”Who’s this Dred Scott?” some of the readers of this post may ask.

Apparently ,Dred was a feeble slave who couldn’t read and write. In truth, though,he was a MAN,a remarkable man who should be remembered as the greatest African-American who ever lived. He lost his freedom,thanks to the law of that time,and had enough courage of suing the state to regain it,despite not knowing how to read and write. It is truly amazing how this illiterate black  man,who was not even considered  fully human understood the essence of American democracy better than those who were ruling at the time.

Thanks to a very dear friend of mine ,I had the chance to read a stunning historical novel detailing the life and times of Dred Scott.The novel’s called “Am I Not A Man?-the Dred Scott Story” and it is written by Utah General Attorney  Mark Shurtleff.

Dred’s story is truly amazing and inspirational :born Sam Blow on the plantation of Peter Blow in Virginia around 1799,he was treated by the Blow family as one of their own.When his brother ,Dred,dies , Sam takes his name as a sign of  his brotherly love. The Blow Family ultimately has to sell Dred because of heavy debts,and thus  Dred ends up with Army doctor John Emerson.He meets Harriet,who he’ll marry and have 2 daughters with,and is advised to sue for his freedom,based on the “Once Free,Always Free” stipulation.

After many tribulations,Dred Scott will regain his freedom,proving that indeed,he is A MAN,worthy of all the respect in this world. I,for one,would’ve been honoured to shake this man’s hand,and it is with great pride that i acknowledge that I would bow before the strength of his spirit.

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