True friends and a Brothers of Destruction cake…yeah,I’m officially 20 years old,baby!

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

OK,it’s absolutely ,without a shadow of a doubt OFFICIAL! I’m 20 years old and I can shout out loud that I had the best birthday party in my humble nerdy existence! Gotta be honest,these awesomely awesome friends of mine do know how to surprise! They gave me no calls at all,no chatting on Yahoo,nothing.  I just got 1 text message. All that while my equally awesome mother was working her butt off in the kitchen,so as to “finish her chores,so we could go to David’s mother,who had invited her for a friendly chat! ( yeah right,right on my b-day!)  When I entered the yard,David’s mom(David’s my BEST FRIEND!) wished me a happy birthday ,and then my mother’s like “No one called him today,he’s been freakin’ out that they’ve forgotten about him all day long”. I walked further into the yard and I was hit in the face by their voices singing “Happy Birthday” ,gathered around a huge table. On that table…..pure awesomeness: a huge cake with a picture of me ,with a goofy face(as always) flanked by WWE’s Brothers of Destruction(Kane and The Undertaker),and a speech bubble saying “SHOULD I KICK THEIR ASSES?” I was instantly awed,I couldn’t speak coherently for like 5 minutes.All I could do was stare around in complete disbelief . Then,as if to top this I received something I’d always wanted:an e-book reader.Now I can have just about any book I want,anywhere I go.Yep,I went to heaven! It was a total,complete and absolutely awesome surprise and it taught me something: all my life,I’ve been surrounded by absolutely remarkable people,who always gave more than their best to see me smile . To all those people,I’d like to thank from the bottom of my heart for their love and support,and if there’s ANY way I could ever repay them,I’ll do it more than gladly,’cause they deserve it.

Signed,with a lot of love and a whole lot of gratitude,your one and only white & nerdy,

Alex Szollo

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