STONES OF MY ACCUSERS-an inspiring book with a wonderful message.

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

In an earlier post I was reviewing a novel called “The Brother’s Keeper” by Tracy Groot,a novel of James ,brother of Jesus.  Now I’ll be reviewing the sequel(which can also be read as a stand-alone) ,called “Stones of My Accusers”,another great novel by Ms.Groot.

Set in the aftermath of Jesus’s Crucifixion,the novel centers around Rivkah,a prostitute who planted a tree for her son  Nathanael,Joab,a former zealot who must bring Rivkah a message,Jorah,sister of Jesus,seeking answers about her brother’s death,and Orion Galerinius,Roman official whose heart is heavy at the thought of performing the tasks Pilate has given him:to ensure that a certain Jewish laborer works on Sabbath,and to cut down Rivkah’s tree.

Like its predecessor,STONES OF MY ACCUSERS does a wonderful job of bringing history to life while having a (very non-preachy) Christian message. I loved the way the story of the adulteress in the Gospel weaved into the storyline of the novel ,to reveal the compelling message of forgiveness. The characters are,like in the first novel,vivid and believable,especially Rivkah,so resilient in protecting her son’s legacy .

All in all,the book is an absolutely awesome read,just like its predecessor.I had a great time with it,and so will everyone who loves good Christian historical fiction.Once again,a solid 5 stars. Thank you,Ms.Groot!

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