ELVIS AND THE MEMPHIS MAFIA: a mammoth oral biography focusing on the human side of the King

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Elvis Presley is ,without a shadow of a doubt my favorite singer of all time.There’s something in his voice ,his presence ,his moves,that has stuck with me since I was 12. I remember seeing a commercial advertising a set of Elvis CD’s and hearing bits of his music,from the energetic and naughty-moved rock’n’roll songs to his heart-aching ballads and his soulful gospels.I was instantly awestruck. There’s nothing like what I felt back then. I’ve been a dedicated Elvis fan ever since then.  Naturally,after discovering the groundbreaking myth,I wanted to know more about the man.

I’ve had the chance to do so recently ,after reading the monumental oral biography of the King ,”Elvis and the Memphis Mafia” by Alanna Nash,cowritten with 3 of the people closest to Elvis : his cousin Billy Smith,Marty Lacker,his best man and foreman of the Memphis Mafia,and Lamar Fike,who accompanied him in the Army and became the man who provided transportation for him.

The 792-page tome covers every stage in the life of Elvis Aaron Presley , in a conversational style ,from his extremely poor childhood to his rise to fame,from the B-movie era to his addiction and much too early demise ,everything is in there.

The book is an emotional roller-coaster.Readers will laugh and cry,they’ll be shocked,awed and given a reminder that behind the superstar was a man,with fears,trials and tribulations,a man whose fame was both a blessing and a curse,a man who got more than he ever expected and ultimately couldn’t take it in.

“Elvis and the Memphis Mafia” is a story of fame and how it affects human nature.It is a sweeping panorama of the most well-known American tragedy,reminding us all that the candle that burns twice as bright burns twice as fast.

Thank you,Ms. Nash,for taking time to listen to these people and tell their story.

And to you,Elvis,man,REST IN PEACE.You’re always in my heart,and your voice will always be with me,as it was in times of joy and sorrow.

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