Posted: June 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

The last 2 days were the most memorable in my life ,and it is with the utmost pride that I declare it.

On Thursday,I was overwhelmed with emotion at the graduation ceremony.I remember how nervous I had been about how I was gonna look in a robe. Silly me,always worrying about minor details.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful,it was an amazing feeling to see everyone dressed in robes,taking pictures,smiling and embracing.

The most emotional moment was when the headmistress praised me for everything I’d done for the school.I headed to the microphone to hold a short speech,but I only got to thank everyone in  my wonderful class for existing ,’cause (It’s no use hiding it now),I felt tears choking me.It was an absolute HONOUR for me to be part of the school,and let’s not forget the fact that everyone in there helped me bury my handicap,thus saving my life,so if there’s anyone that should be thankful,that’s me.

Yesterday,as opposed to Thursday,or rather,completing Thursday,was the BIGGEST party in my entire life. I danced ALL NIGHT LONG,with EVERYONE around me.It felt absolutely INCREDIBLE.There were all kinds of music,from Romanian folklore to Michael Jackson,and for the first time in my life,I wasn’t picky about it.

I’d like to address a warm thank-you to EVERYONE there,especially the people in my class,as they made sure I’d feel great.David,my soul brother got me in the middle of all those girls dancing around me….talk about making me feel like a ladies-man!   Atena,girl,you were the definition of awesome on that dancefloor..you sure did show me WHO’S BAD …I’ll never,ever forget you. How could I,when you LIFTED ME in your arms in front of everyone….that was GREAT! I sure hope I’ll have the chance to dance with ya again in the future,’cause I just  loved every moment of it.

Like I said in the beginning of this post ,I’m proud to be a part of CNB and XII F2,and deeply grateful for the wonderful memories I have from there ,and which I’ll always treasure.

I love you all,and wish you the best in your future life.

Eternally proud and grateful,



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